About Us

Law with an Attitude

The Law and Capital firm provides comprehensive legal services in the fields of law, investment and capital management. We are a new company and consider it our advantage. Our newness stands for our energy, ambition and boldness. We are willing to take on the most difficult cases and handle them effectively by doing what nobody has done before us. We are not afraid to bare our teeth, we are ruthless and aggressive in disputes resolution, we pull out all the stops in order to win, attack on all fronts and from any positions.

We utilize the top-end tools of legal practice: call in top experts to address specific tasks, provide tailored solutions for every client, offer our partners attractive financing options. We position ourselves as “an assistant to the capital”, our experts have the necessary competencies to defend and support corporate interests. We have earned an impeccable reputation in both legal and investment communities, and value it above all. In everything we do we seek our own way. We are immensely proud of our achievements and set ambitious goals for the future.